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Let’s DINE
11 Oct - 10 Nov 2019

Let's Dine at Far East Square with up to 50% off!

Bull & Bear - Happy Hour Bucket Deal
31/32 Pekin Street, #01-01

There is always a reason to be happy when surrounded by good company and some ice cold beer. Come to Bull And Bear and enjoy our Happy hour bucket deal, available Monday-Friday from 11am until 8pm. Ask the server for more details on bottles available.

Bull & Bear - Killer Pool
31/32 Pekin Street, #01-01

Who doesn't like to have some fun with friends on a Tuesday night after work? Well, Bull & Bear has something NEW for you that you're gonna love! Every Tuesday from 7:30pm join their Killer Pool Competition. It's free to enter and rules are VERY simple...
- Take turns, one shot at a time
- Pot ANY ball on the table (not the white)
- Miss or foul means you lose a life
- Lose 3 lives and you're out!
- Last one standing wins
- If you can't be good? Be LUCKY!

Beat everyone and you win a bucket of beer!

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Bull & Bear "Burger and Bear" Deal
31/32 Pekin Street, #01-01

Grab a classic Bull and Bear Burger & a bottle of beer at only $18++!

Let's Dine at Far East Square with up to 50% off!

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Pekin Street
A well-known street frequented by immigrants wishing to remit portions of their income home to China.