In A Different Light

“Rediscover Retail in A Different Light”

As Singapore moves into Phase 2, one thing’s for sure. Many of us will emerge from this period with new ways of doing things, especially when it comes to shopping. Some of us might seek to bring a sense of normalcy to our daily routine, look for spaces that feel safe to shop in, or grow to be more conscious of quality standards and convenience levels.


With annual events and celebrations like National Day, Mid-Autumn Festival and year-end festivities around the corner, how can shopping safely and confidently become the new normal? Read on and rediscover how these retail experiences can fit the new ways you shop, dine, enjoy and live today.


1) Rediscover Spaces

[ Source Credit: Mess Hall ]


No matter where you are, environments have the power to make you experience a wide variety of emotions – some feel relaxing and inspiring, while others cultivate energy and liveliness. To transition into this ‘new normal’, start by visiting areas with calming or soothing spaces – for instance, Mess Hall (pictured above) in Sentosa Island. The thoughtfully restored colonial building houses a variety of flavours that feature different cuisines. Surrounded by luscious greens, open skies and a charming outdoor Heritage Courtyard, it serves as an excellent spot for you and your loved ones to enjoy food, nature and architecture all at once.

[ Source Credit: Clarke Quay Central ]


If you’d like a similar experience but seek somewhere that’s livelier and more vibrant, head on down to Clarke Quay Central – as its location along the Singapore River promises two things. Riverside views when you’re dining in the mall, and charming, picturesque sights to take in afterwards as you stroll down the river.

[ Source Credit: HillV2]


What if you’re looking for a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life? Look no further than HillV2 or Greenwich V. From boardwalks to greeneries, these malls provide what many other spaces don’t – a healthy dose of nature when shopping. Did you know? There’s even a rooftop garden at Greenwich V that opens daily for all to enter and enjoy from 8am to 8pm! With village-like ambiences, relaxing vibes all around and outdoor spaces for a breath of fresh air – rest assured that your shopping experiences here will be nothing but comforting and enjoyable.


2) Rediscover Quality

[ Source Credit: Tanuki Raw ]


At Far East Malls, we believe quality should be at the heart of every experience. Quality in what we consume. Quality in the services we offer. Quality in the choices and options provided in our spaces. By balancing the wants and needs of shoppers, we’re able to create relevant and thoughtful offerings that will leave one feeling well attended to and cared for. Experiences that we, as shoppers ourselves, appreciate and look forward to.


When it comes to quality meals, fresh ingredients will always come to mind. That means Japanese food lovers will enjoy checking out Orchard Central – for it has over 10 Japanese food places for you to try! Plus, it’s where you can savour crowd favourites like freshly shucked oysters and salmon sashimi (pictured above) at Singapore’s first daily oyster hour spot – Tanuki Raw.

[ Source Credit: Pacific Plaza ]


For those looking to get a wellness and fitness fix, why not pop by Pacific Plaza for its plethora of beauty, health and wellness services that are right from the heart of Orchard Road? Home to over 10 different beauty salons on the third floor, while its fourth and fifth floors are dedicated to True Yoga and TFX – it’s never been easier to get a radiant glow and a good sweat in one day.


3) Rediscover Convenience

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The world we’re living in is becoming increasingly connected and convenient. The things we want are more often than not, easy to access – and thanks to the internet – a lot faster than before.

[ Source Credit: Yin JiTwo Man Bagel HouseWang Café ]


For those of you working in office on weekdays, you might want to bookmark these spots for bites that will give you the fuel to stay sharp and satisfied throughout your day. Grab a comforting bowl of congee and a side of silky rice rolls at Yin Ji in Far East Square for breakfast. For lunch, enjoy hearty oven-baked hand-rolled bagels at Two Man Bagel House in Icon Village. When dinner comes, appreciate local delights at Wang Café in Square 2! Whatever your cravings, a diverse selection of cuisines awaits you in our malls.


[ Source Credit: FairPrice Xtra,Cold Storage]


Even as the weekend approaches, convenience should still be your top priority when out shopping for essentials. Stock up on your grocery needs at FairPrice Xtra in Hougang 1 or Cold Storage at West Coast Plaza! With a range of convenience stores near you, it makes getting movie snacks or ingredients for a homecooked meal that much easier.

The best part? Get rewarded when you shop! Simply scan your receipts on our shopFarEast app to earn points when shopping or dining to redeem exclusive rewards and privileges later.


As we welcome more shoppers back into our malls, we also urge you to look out for the various safety precautions set in place. From scanning SafeEntry upon entry and exit to taking your temperature, wearing a mask at all times, and ensuring safe distancing.


Today, shopping malls are so much more than just a place for browsing, they are spaces that can adapt to the new ways we dine, shop, enjoy and live. While COVID-19 may have disrupted work, play and daily routines, it has taught many of us the importance of pivoting, changing and improving for the better. A commitment that we, at Far East Malls, will continuously work towards to support the needs of today’s shoppers. See you soon!

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