“5 Quick & Tasty Lunch Spots Near You”


What’s for lunch?” is probably the most commonly asked question at work. Which is an irony, considering how Singapore is known for its diverse and colourful food scene. Still, it can be a struggle to think of lunch options day in and out. Especially when you only have an hour, when everywhere is packed with massive crowds, and when the paradox of choice falls upon you. Yes, too many options can be challenging too!


In such cases, it might seem easier to skip lunch and stay in office. When that happens, remind yourself that lunch is the second most important meal after breakfast! Not only will it keep your metabolism active and give you energy for the rest of your afternoon, but it’s also a good time for you to rest your eyes, stretch your legs, socialise and take your mind off work. So get on your feet – it’s time to eat!


Whether it's a hearty sandwich, comforting noodles or a fresh bowl of salad you seek, we've compiled recommendations at Far East Square for every day of the workweek so you and your colleagues can fuss less and focus more on enjoying lunch hour to its fullest. Ready for our top picks? Let's start!


Monday: Korio (135 Amoy Street)


[ Source Credit: Korio ]


Beat the case of Monday blues with Korio, a Brooklyn-inspired spot with brioche doughnuts and cheesy sandwiches that has social media buzzing. The hole-in-a-wall café might seem small and unassuming, but their artisanal sandwiches are the complete opposite: large enough to fill both hands and yummy! In fact, some of their signature sandwiches like Grilled Cheese and Breakfast Sammy tend to sell out by lunchtime – so you might want to pop over a little ahead of the crowd if you’re eager to get your hands on one.


As Korio doesn’t allow for dining-in, it means you can grab, go, and enjoy this cheesy, messy goodness in the comfort of your air-conditioned office pantry. Be sure to give their highly-rated doughnuts a try for a perfect treat to conclude your day.


Tuesday: Chao Ting 潮亭 (132 Amoy Street)

[ Source Credit: Chao Ting ]


Want something soupy, tasty and healthy? Chao Ting, a fast-casual dining concept by JUMBO Group, might just be what you need – for they specialise in savoury Teochew porridge. How is it made? Fragrant rice is first cooked to silky perfection and simmered in a flavourful seafood broth, before it’s finally topped off with your choice of ingredients along with add-ons like their popular fried egg floss and crispy rice.


What’s convenient about Chao Ting too, is that they have just three types of pao fan for you to choose from – which will make larger lunch orders a little easier to manage. Pick from either their King Prawn 'Pao Fan' ($11), Sliced Fish 'Pao Fan' ($9), Fried Fish 'Pao Fan' ($9) – or order all three for sharing with your colleagues. Here’s a pro-tip: order a bag of Fried Fish Skin ($3) with your bowl and briefly dip it into the piping hot soup before popping it into your mouth for some crackling goodness! You’re welcome!


Wednesday: Makaan Mumbai (84 Telok Ayer Street)

[ Source Credit: Makaan Mumbai ]


For the uninitiated, the cuisine of Mumbai is a blend of cooking styles and street food that mixes a variety of flavours, colours and textures together. If you’re a fan of garlic, onion and chilli, Makaan Mumbai is the place to go to spice up your Wednesday.


While you’re here, don’t forget to give items like Vada Pav (a deep-fried potato patty sandwiched between soft buns), Pani Puri (fried hollow puris filled with spices, potatoes, onions and chickpeas), Palak Paneer (vegetarian dish of spinach and tomato gravy sauce), and Tandoori Chicken (served with yoghurt and spices) a try. And if, after all that, you still have room for dessert – we suggest wrapping up your meal with gula jamun (rose flavoured sugar syrup flour balls made with milk solids). Lunch might come with a food coma – but it’ll be worth your while.


Thursday: Jin Fine Dining (76 Telok Ayer Street)

[ Source Credit: Jin Fine Dining ]


As you ease into Thursday and prepare for the coming weekend of (even more) good food, it might be wise to have something a little more balanced for lunch, like the fresh and affordable lunch sets from Jin Fine Dining. From items like Jin Chirashi to Buta Don, Yakiniku to Tori Sumiyaki and more, the choices are endless. Nestled within AMOY hotel, the space feels both spacious but private all at once, so if you’re looking for a quiet lunch or somewhere to have casual business meetings, give this authentic Japanese restaurant a try. (Set lunches not available on weekends and PH.)


Friday: Genius Central (7-13 Amoy Street)

[ Source Credit: Genius Central ]


Congratulations, you’ve made it to Friday! But before you head off into the weekends, why not cleanse your palate and treat your body to the nutritious and wholesome foods served here at Genius Central? With nourishment at the heart of their menu, Genius Central is dedicated to creating food in-house – from their sauces to their raw desserts, and sourcing for locally farmed produce. With a wide range of vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free options, it’s a friendly spot for anyone and everyone.


Start with a warm, nutritious, and filling soup and finish with some fresh juice. Or swing by mid-afternoon for a coffee. From lattes to teas and sodas to smoothies – there’s a suitable drink for any time of day. Plus, with ample table space around, Genius Central will make a good spot for you to enjoy a nice, healthy afternoon. Fridays are best done here with a touch of genius!


Living in a melting pot of culinary flavours like Singapore truly has its perks – with food stalls, markets and restaurants that house authentic dishes from all over the world at our fingertips. But ultimately, what makes a good meal lies in its ability to put a smile on the faces of those eating it. After all, if food can bring people together, imagine what good food can do. Has lunch this week at Far East Square put a smile on your face? Share them with us by tagging @shopfareast on Instagram today – and we might feature your meal on our page. Bon appétit!

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