“The 3 Kinds of Coffee You Didn’t Know You Need”



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Ah, coffee. Whether you’re ordering a cup of kopi to go before you head into work or enjoying a cup of latte socially over the weekend, it’s hard to imagine a day without it. The smell of freshly roasted coffee beans. The energy boost you get from caffeine. The soothing experience of sitting back and sipping on an ice-cold frappuccino. There’s just something incredibly comforting about coffee.


In fact, a Google search will show you that 30 types of coffee exist in the world! But combine them with local traditions, different brews, beans and types, and you’ll get one endless menu. Here in Singapore, it’s no different. The choices we have for coffee are infinite – from the many variants found in local coffee shops to ever-changing concoctions in cafés, restaurants and coffee chains. Coffee is everywhere, and thankfully, is here to stay! Read on as we share more about the three kinds of coffee that can help you throughout your day – and where you can go to get your fix.


1) Coffee that wakes you up

Ever wonder why local kopi smells so rich, fragrant and unique? That’s because it’s made from Robusta beans which are roasted in a wok with butter or lard and sugar. This is a process that enhances the flavours of the coffee, which results in the beans becoming caramelised. It is then strained through a cloth and mixed with sugar, condensed milk – or served plain. The result? A cup of aromatic and highly caffeinated coffee that serves as a great pick-me-up.



[ Source Credit: Kopitiam, Heavenly Wang ]


Here at Hougang 1, experiencing kopi the local way is easy. Looking for variety? Check out Kopitiam at #01-19 and pair your favourite coffee with a side of kaya toast and soft-boiled eggs. In need of something more filling to kick start your day? Take your pick from their wide range of cuisines – from local to Chinese, Korean, Japanese and more. Don’t forget to use your Kopitiam Card to enjoy cashless dining experiences!


For those on the lookout for popular breakfast favourites, make a trip to Heavenly Wang at #01-22. Did you know that the café first started in 1953? With such a longstanding history in Singapore, it’s no wonder why their signature full-bodied coffee brew remains popular amongst many. Not to mention their delicious soft-boiled eggs and fragrant toasted kaya bread.


2) Coffee that inspires you
We’ve all had moments where we needed a little help focusing on work or coming up with new ideas, and had coffee come to the rescue. Caffeine in your drink can keep you alert but enjoying it amidst conducive environments or ambiences can help as well. Spaces that open early and close late, coupled with perks such as free Wi-Fi & electric sockets make useful spots to let inspiration flow.


[ Source Credit: Rocky Master, McCafe ]


If that’s what you’re looking for in Hougang 1, pop by Rocky Master at #01-40. The home-grown brand was created with a passion to serve good coffee and quality food. Plus, they’re Halal-certified too! Besides having indoor and outdoor seating, early birds will be pleased to know that they’re open as early as 7:30am to 10pm as well.


For the night owls out there, there’s always McDonald’s at #01-26, which is open 24 hours on Fridays, Saturdays, and Eve of & Public Holidays. From long blacks to lattes, mochas to hot chocolates and more, McCafé has got you covered. Pair them up with your usual favourites and it’ll keep you up munching, studying or working into the night. They even come with affordable prices to keep both your wallet and tummy happy. Sounds like a win-win!


3) Coffee that sweetens your day

Don’t we all love coffee drinks that can also double up as dessert? Especially when you add in flavours like caramel, vanilla or hazelnut and toppings like java chip, whipped cream or cinnamon powder. Yum. There’s probably one coffee chain that strikes your mind. Starbucks, which has been operating in Singapore since 1996 as the second international branch outside the US (after Japan)! With its extensive menu, seasonal concoctions and creative blends of frappuccinos, it’s no wonder why many around the world turn to this established coffee chain when looking for a treat.


[ Source Credit: Starbucks, Starbucks Merchandise]


Over at Hougang 1, you can find Starbucks at #01-41. Plus, did you know, bringing your own Starbucks tumbler can get you $0.50 off your coffee? Which makes for a sweet deal, especially if you intend to frequent this spot. From drinks like Java Chip Frappuccino to an iced-Americano or their seasonal Pumpkin Spiced Latte – there’s something for every coffee lover here. Feeling adventurous or in the mood for something new? Try adding additional syrup pumps to create your flavour. Who knows, it might just be a hit.


Whether it’s a robust and aromatic cup of coffee that you’re looking for, deep dark flavours or lighter roasts that feel smooth down your throat, Hougang 1 has them all. What’s your favourite type of coffee? Got a new concoction you know of? Share them with us by tagging your next cuppa brew on Instagram at @shopfareast. We can’t wait to see how you’ll espresso-yourself!


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