To Refresh, Refuel and Recharge Yourself

4 Chinatown Spots to Refresh, Refuel and Recharge Yourself

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In the heart of Singapore's cultural and historic Chinatown lies Lucky Chinatown, a retail hub featuring nostalgic oriental architecture and an array of eclectic shops and beauty parlours where you can recharge in a relaxed ambience. If you’re thinking of ditching the city grind and are on the lookout for a place to unwind, you’re in for a treat. It’s time to take a chill pill and get ready for a day to refuel!


1) Restore Your Health At Chang Bai Shan Ginseng Medical Hall

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Looking for a one-stop solution to revitalise your mind and soul? Why not pop by Chang Bai Shan Ginseng Medical Hall (#01-04/05), a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) clinic that houses a comprehensive range of traditional Chinese herbs including the likes of ginseng roots, cordyceps and goji berries. With over two decades of experience under their belt, let the seasoned physicians at Chang Bai Shan Ginseng Medical Hall help you achieve an optimal state of physical and mental well-being.


2) Pamper Yourself At Min's Beauty

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In the mood for some pampering? Head down to Min’s Beauty (#02-20) for its wide array of beauty treatments for both face and body. This beauty salon prides itself on the wide array of treatments it offers – much needed deserving treats that will leave you glowing and rejuvenated before getting back to the daily grind. For natural-looking, fuller and beautiful brows, try out their embroidery or microblading services; then complete the look with their eyelash extension service for that soft, natural and featherlike look!


3) Glo-Up At IHair

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Keen to resolve some of your hair woes? Make a stop at IHair (#B2-12/12A/12B) where skilled and experienced stylists transform your locks to achieve the look that you desire. IHair’s expertise lies in its slew of hair and scalp treatments that will leave your hair feeling rejuvenated. Try their signature Hair Replacement service – made of 100% natural hair attached to a New Generation Skin membrane. Each hair replacement system blends seamlessly into your hairline and fits like a second skin. Alternatively, you can also give their IHAIR serum a try – known to be a hair-saver due to its impressive track record of combatting hair loss. If you’re still unsure how to resolve your hair and scalp concerns, schedule a consultation today with their friendly advisors for a hair treatment plan best suited for you.


4) Adventuring At Virtual Room

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Craving for a rush of adrenaline indoors? Enter Virtual Room: VR Escape Room Adventure (#B3-01 to 21)– Singapore’s award-winning VR escape room experience that will quite literally take you out of this world. Occupying almost the whole basement area, Virtual Room Singapore’s huge space features 22 spacious game rooms of 10 sqm each, so you don’t have to worry about bumping into your teammates while playing! Each room is equipped with high quality VR gear for a truly immersive experience. Walk around, find items, manipulate objects and work together with your fellow teammates to solve the mini games and complete game levels. With everything you need for a family, friends or team bonding session, pop by for an afternoon of adventure! 


After all, self-care is about intentionally scheduling pockets of time to do things that are good for you – your mind and body will thank you for it. When you need ideas for a day of self-pampering or simply a get-together with your loved ones, check out Lucky Chinatown to get started! If you found our recommendations useful, don’t forget to follow us at @shopfasteast on Facebook and Instagram and download the ShopFarEast app for more treats at Far East Malls!


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