For A Relaxed, Renewed & Refreshed Look

“Beauty Parlours in Town for a Relaxed, Renewed & Refreshed Look”


[ Source Credit: Orchard Central ]


Self-care is the new health care, and it’s especially true for the year 2020. With everything going on around the world, at work and in our busy lives, one thing’s for sure. Constant stress, worry, and a lack of sleep and water can take a significant toll on our body. We start feeling tired and listless, our skin becomes dry and starts breaking out, and our body begins aching all over.


If this sounds familiar, it’s a clear sign for you to care for your body a little more. City life can be hectic and non-stop that we prioritise ourselves last. So let’s start changing that today. After all, the beauty of beauty parlours is that it can make you feel relaxed, renewed and refreshed in more ways than one. Like how a new haircut can boost your confidence; a facial can give you dewy skin; a body scrub can make you look fresh and radiant, or how brighter nail colours can induce positive moods.


Lucky for you, Orchard Central has just what you need to look and feel anew from head to toe. Plus, being conveniently located in the heart of town means you can swing by whenever you’re in the area, when you have time in between meetings, or right after work. With our guide to Orchard Central’s beauty parlours, skin and beauty woes won’t stand a chance!


“Invest in your hair – it is the crown you never take off.”

[ Source Credit: Walking on Sunshine (Hair/Nail/Café) ]


Walking on Sunshine (Hair/Nail/Café) (#03-07) is one of Singapore’s rare all-in-one beauty destinations – as it’s not just a hair salon, but a nail parlour and café as well. Which makes sense – considering the amount of time a new haircut, treatment or manicure can take! With stylists and barbers who are highly skilled in the latest styles and trends of modern Korea, feel free to show them references of your favourite looks! What’s more, the lush, green plants and full-length windows will bring in lots of natural light during the day – making every corner of this shop a good spot to snap #OOTDs and show off your new look.


“Glowing skin is always in.”

[ Source Credit: FACE+ by Yamano ]


What better way to up your #selfie game than with a traditional, time-tested Japanese facial at FACE+ by Yamano (#04-02)? The beauty salon is known for discovering beneficial properties of mud that is said to help enhance the skin’s natural beauty – giving it a higher absorption rate and cleansing power. The result? Their highly sought-after Doronko clay treatment, which removes dirt and impurities from the deep recesses of one’s skin. The salon looks simple on the outside, but its treatments and services are well-loved by many customers. Their facial therapists are even said to be skilful in rhythm, pressure and accuracy of facial acupoints. Keen on trying it for yourself? Don’t forget to make an appointment before heading down!


“You are one massage away from a good day.”

[ Source Credit: HAACH ]


Excellent massages have the power to turn your day around. But don’t just take our word for it. Try it yourself here at HAACH (#03-10). Their treatments combine Western technology with Eastern influence for a comprehensive range of services – with over 60 products to soothe and invigorate your face, skin and body. As a start, give their signature Back Meridian Therapy or Chest Meridian Therapy a go. Both massages focus on using TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) to help regulate the flow of one’s energy and blood, increase circulation, clear blockages and relieve your body of pain and stress. Plus, HAACH has heated beds to keep you warm during your session!


“A lash and a wink, gets you further than you think!”

[ Source Credit: DR. LASH ]


Applying your own lashes everyday can be challenging and time-consuming. Furthermore, it’s an art form that takes lots of practice to perfect. Lucky for you, some of Singapore’s lash beauticians are right here in Orchard Central, at DR. LASH (#04-21). The salon strives to provide healthy, long-lasting, light and customised lash extensions. Simply pick one that best suits your look, lie back, and let them do the magic. Psst: they even specialise in lash rejuvenation and semi-permanent makeup – which could be useful and convenient for anyone who’d like to hashtag: #iwokeuplikethis.


Ultimately, self-care is how you take your power back. It is an investment in self-respect, self-love, self-esteem and self-worth – and it is a necessity from time to time. If you found our Orchard Central guide to beauty parlours useful, be sure to pass it along to your partner, sibling, best friend or colleague. Because when it comes to self-care, everyone can always use a little more!


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