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“You Won’t Need A Passport for This Trip to Japan!”

[ Source Credit: Orchard Central ]


Japan is known for its service and quality. From fresh foods and drinks, to well-made products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, it’s no wonder many in Singapore fancy dining, shopping and experiencing Japan. Well, what if we told you of a place you can travel to for all-things Japanese, without the need for a passport or plane ticket? Check out this weekend’s travel itinerary for sugoi, kawaii and oishii experiences in none other than Orchard Central (OC). Granted, it’s not nearly the same without cherry blossoms falling around you – but hey, wanderlust can be real, and we need our fix. Get ready and put on some comforting shoes. It’s time for a little exploring around Orchard Central. Let’s go!


12pm –1pm: Ramen Lunch at NANTSUTTEI (#07-12)

[ Source Credit: NANTSUTTEI Ramen ]


Can you say that you’ve been to Japan if you haven’t had mouth-watering ramen? We recommend starting your weekend with a hearty bowl of NANTSUTTEI's signature Black Ma-yu Ramen. It comes with a black layer of garlic and sesame oil blend that gives the broth a rich, creamy and extremely fragrant taste. No wonder it’s garnered over 3,000 tagged posts on Instagram. Don’t forget to show your love and appreciation for this bowl by slurping away to your heart’s content!


1pm – 2pm: Sweet Treats at Maccha House (#B1-39)

[ Source Credit: Uji Maccha Tiramisu ]


Next stop: Kyoto. Did you know that Uji in Kyoto is one of two Japanese regions where tea is cultivated specifically for matcha? So you should be glad to hear that you can now dig into these delicious desserts at Maccha House (#B1-39), like their famous Uji Maccha Tiramisu! Think silky, smooth mascarpone cream. Alternate layers of vanilla chiffon and Maccha sponge all stacked into one. And it’s not just this on the menu. With Maccha soft serves, parfaits and many more, there’s something for every maccha lover.


2pm – 5pm: Shop the Likes of Shinjuku

[ Source Credit: Zoff ]


Now it’s time to walk off that food coma you might be in with some shopping. Start your way from the basement with Tokyu Hands (#B1-07) for adorable and unique Japanese stationery as well as the latest innovative gadgets. Then pop on over to Zoff (#B1-02) for minimalistic, stylish and yet affordable eyewear. Once you’ve got the goods, move on up to Uniqlo (#01-01) and work your way up this Global Flagship Store spanning three whole levels!


5pm – 6pm: Get Kawaii at Eye Lash Salon Vivi (#03-21)

[ Source Credit: Eye Lash Salon Vivi ]


It’s no secret that eyelash and nail artisans are some of the most skilled artists in the world. They see each lash and fingernail as a canvas and perform works of art with extreme precision to achieve your favourite looks. So if you’re in search of a new look, check out Eye Lash Salon Vivi (#03-21) and their detailed and highly skilled technicians will have you covered!


6pm – 8pm: Bag Next Week’s Essentials at DON DON DONKI (#B1-15)


[ Source Credit: DON DON DONKI ]


Here’s another must-visit on this weekend’s itinerary: a trip into the world of DON DON DONKI for a quintessentially Japanese adventure. Do you know that Orchard Central’s outlet spans across two levels, from B1 to B2? With items ranging from beauty supplements, cosmetics, groceries to electronics and unique lifestyle items – be sure to bring a bigger bag, just in case! Here’s a challenge from us. Try spotting these uniquely-Donki items and see what you think of them: 1) Somen Slider Nagashi Machine, 2) Transparent Suntory Orange-Flavoured Water, and the 3) Pink Kezo Sake Jellyshot Drink. Who’s up for the challenge?


8pm – 10pm: Dine, Unwind & Kanpai at Tanuki Raw (#04-01)

[ Source Credit: Tanuki Raw ]


How to tell if you’ve had a great day out? Two sore feet, and one hungry tummy. Well, every authentic Japanese experience ends with dinner and drinks – so check yourselves into Tanuki Raw on Level 4 and dive into their chirashi or yakiniku bowls, snack on maki rolls or pair your meal with a cocktail of your choice. Our recommendation? A Sake Honey cocktail with mizubasho sake, manuka honey, and fresh lemon, of course! Yum.


It's easy to escape the ordinary and check 'Japan' off your travel list this year with all these experiences rolled up in one spot: Orchard Central. From food to desserts, shopping to beauty and more, there's something for everyone to enjoy. The best part of all? It's just a bus or train ride away. Who will you be taking along with you on this mini adventure? We'd love to see what you get up to, so be sure to tag your holiday pictures on Instagram at @orchardcentral and @shopfareast!

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