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Car Parking Rates
First Block
S$1.20 for first hour
Subsequent Blocks
$0.60 for subsequent half hour or part thereof
Motorcycle Parking Rates:
First Block
$0.80 per entry
All rates quoted are exclusive of 7% GST and subject to revision. Total no. of parking lots: 316

Public Transport public-transport-icons

By Train
NS9 Woodlands
By Bus

Woodlands Civic Centre 
912, 912B, 912M   

Woodlands Bus Interchange 
161, 168, 169/169A/169B, 178/178A, 187,856/856A, 858/858A, 900, 901, 902, 903, 903M, 904, 911/911T, 912/912A/912B, 913/913T/913M, 925/925A, 926, 960/960e, 961/961M, 962, 963/963e, 963R, 964, 965/965A, 966, 969